Meridian High Musicians Collaborate on International Project

Student musicians from Meridian High School in Falls Church, Virginia, recently collaborated on an international music project with students from Sejong High School in Sejong City, South Korea. Together the students chose to base their original music composition on the topic of Climate Change. 

Meridian High School students composed the music, “I’d Forgotten – We Can Change, We Can Live” for the South Korean school. It includes moving lyrics such as the “water cries plastic polluted tears,” an issue facing both countries.

In a video, now available on YouTube, the performances of both high schools can be enjoyed.

  • Sejong High School on traditional Korean instruments, Korean lyrics.
  • Meridian High School with Western band instruments, English lyrics.

The video premiered before an international audience attending the global forum, “Our Planet Matters,” on July 26th in Sejong City.

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